Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Calexico Edge Of The Sun 2015

Well, Calexico is on a roll. This one continues the development pattern of Algiers, and ups the game even from that fine work, with perhaps a tad more energy, and again with the great songs.

The driving Tex-Mex-Jayhawks of Falling From The Sky kicks it off in fine style. The spooky minor key melody of Bullets and Rocks follows with excellent harmonies. Lost love features in the ballads When Angels Played and Moon Never Rises, and the later includes a fine female vocal duet with Carla Morrison. More of the moody Southwestern thing they do so well is on display on Tapping On The Line, World Undone, and Follow The River. Miles From The Sea has a fine string arrangement and Baroque-pop sound. Their love of Ennio Moricone is fully expressed in the cinematic instrumental Cayoacan. Cumbia de Donde has a Spanish-trance groove that sucks you in, and the uptempo Beneath The City Of Dreams enhances its dark story with super horn charts. The piano-driven country ballad Woodshed Waltz swings its sadness to the title dance beat.

It may be telling that the band listed on the sleeve includes eight members as opposed to just Burns and Convertino. It is their usual convention for just the two of them to be separated from the rest of the players by at least an empty line. Additionally, Sergio Mendoza (multiple instruments, vocals) assists with songwriting and production, and that may have helped to keep things fresh and new. Mostly, though, it sounds like the work of a band, and not just two guys with help. They're touring as a seven-piece, and the early results should make you want to catch the tour when they come your way.