Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kim Richey Edgeland 2018

Teamwork. It can make a huge difference.

Produced by bassist/producer Brad Jones (whose only solo recording, 2000s Gilt Flake is a lost gem), and musically assisted by Chuck Profit, Robin Hitchcock, Mando Saenz, Dan Dugmore, Pat McLaughlin, Pat Sansone, Chris Carmichael and others. 

Songwriting credits are shared by Richey with Profit, Al Anderson, Saenz, and Jenny Queen, with everyone pushing Richey to some of her best, most varied songwriting output.

And then there's the vocal duets with Profit and Saenz that offer a lovely way to hear Richey share the spotlight and shine at the same time.

But she does just fine on her own. Richey's voice has always been rich and fluid, and she's only gotten more nuanced and confident. Her heartfelt songs have never been better, and she's got some rockers along to help her keep the energy up in a very good way. 

Some of her earlier works are very good. Still, this may be her best yet.