Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matthew Sweet Girlfriend 1991

I've mentioned this classic before, and it truly deserves the descriptor. Produced with an in-your-face sound by Fred Maher, covered completely with the loud, edgy guitar of Robert Quine, and filled with the stellar efforts of a songwriter coming into his own in a very big way.

If you haven't heard it, you should. You owe it to yourself. Sweet's high whine might detract a few listeners, and Quine's guitar can be too loud for some, but hey, do you like rock 'n' roll or not? It's the farthest pop-rock record from a Bread album you can find on the planet. And that can only be good.

Divine Intervention, I've Been Waiting, Girlfriend, and Looking At The Sun form a high-energy foursome that kicks the record off in fine style. Then it's Sweet's love paean to Ms. Ryder, Winona, with Greg Liesz's pedal steel creating a beautiful country ballad. Evangeline, Day For Night, and I Thought I Knew You continue the barrage of perfect rockers. You Don't Love Me is a sweet ballad, and I Wanted To Tell You is pure jangle-pop glory. Don't Go and Does She Talk rock like crazy, and most of the rest is pretty darn good, too. Hard-rockin' power-pop does not get any better.

Sweet has made some other darn fine records, 1995's 100% Fun is very good, and his relatively more recent Kama Ga Suki from 2003 and 2004's Living Things are both solid outings that rival Girlfriend, at least half the songs anyway, and as such are easy to recommend. I'm listening to Sick Of Myself from 100% Fun right now. It's great.

Girlfriend has it all. A stone classic. Crank it up, very loud. Friday is almost here now.


  1. YES! This IS an awesome album. Thanks for the reminder -- I am totally going to listen to this all weekend long now!

    (Much to Bill's chagrin...;)

  2. Maybe he'll let you borrow those killer headphones.