Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Intro

So here I begin blogging about music old and new, and occasionally about electronic music reproduction equipment. My only qualifications are a large music collection, a good stereo, ears and enthusiasm.

My musical interests were formed in my teen years, which puts sixties rock, pop and soul, early seventies rock, late seventies new wave, punk and power-pop at the top of my list. But I listen to plenty of melodic jazz and current jazz-pop, and I like classical music, attending several Cleveland Orchestra concerts at Severence Hall each season. And I enjoy lots of newer music, but I haven't got any Britney albums or death metal or gangsta rap. I guess you'll learn more about me and my musical tastes if you end up stopping by and reading the blog once in a while. My plan is to review music that is both old and new, and add any other musical blather I come up with to the web-o-sphere.

The title of the blog comes from an interview with Frank Zappa in which he commented on music journalism, saying that "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." I know that this quote has been attributed to many people, but I like thinking Frank said it first.

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