Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Proclaimers Notes and Rhymes 2009

The record starts with the big hit single Love Can Move Mountains. It's big, hit single stuff, but it's not (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles or There's a Touch. But let's not hold that against them, what next? The title track is their classic "wild abandon" track, rocking with a jungle beat, and it's up to par. From there, the CD is heavy on ballads and mid-tempo fare, but they're well written and sung examples of the form. Highlights include It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman), Like A Flame, and the fear of terrorists statement I Know. Politics reappear on Free Market - you can guess- and this is very similar to S-O-R-R-Y on their last CD, 2007's Life With You.

There's no quirky cover song, no giant hit, and not enough fast songs. But there are plenty of excellent songs, and the twins' tight harmonies are always great to hear- they are the only current incarnation of the Everly Brothers, and they deserve the title. They write good songs, and they have a crack band, and, well, it should be just a little more exciting than this one. Just a little more.

So the great Scots haven't delivered their best. If you're already a fan, there's plenty to enjoy, but for the unfamiliar, best to go back to the 2001 masterpiece Persevere, or even the 2002 The Best Of...87-02. And if you've never heard the Proclaimers, and you are a sucker for a pop tune and gorgeous harmonies, you really should try one of those two right now.

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