Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marshall Crenshaw Jaggedland 2009

It's been a while since a new Marshall Crenshaw record- since 2003's What's In The Bag, in fact, and it's been even longer since one this good. There are 12 cuts on here and 10 of them are everything you could still want from Crenshaw.

The opener Right On Time is classic guitar pop-rock from the master, and would be a huge single in a perfect world. Passing Through, Never Coming Down, and Eventually are great mid-tempo rocker/ballads that live up to Crenshaw's best. He's always had a good hand for the melancholy side of the rock ballad, all minor chords and the like. Someone Told Me is a rolicking rocker, Stormy River is a blues stomper, and Just Snap Your Fingers has a poppy feel that's just short of his eighties greatness. All in all, it rivals his post-eighties best, right there with Miracle of Science 1996 and #447 1999, and almost approaching 1991's Life's Too Short.

The band is fabulous, with Greg Liesz and Jim Keltner standing out as always. Long Hard Road and the closer Live And Learn keep this one from perfection, but hey, it's mighty close. If you've been looking for Crenshaw's next good one, here it is. Recommended.

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