Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nick Lowe At My Age 2007

Who doesn't like Nick Lowe? I'm sure they're out there, and I hope they can find their way. Through 40 years in the music business, Lowe has made more than his share of great music. From the early quality of Brinsley Schwartz's strange country/pub-rock output in the seventies, to producing the first four Elvis Costello records, to snarky pop-rock and rockabilly with Rockpile in the eighties, to the more organic, crooner-styled recent work in the ninties and oughts. The overall quality of his work has been as remarkable as it has been diverse, as a producer, songwriter, singer, bass and guitar player, and bandleader.

This most recent Lowe CD (there's a newer "best of" 2 CD set) is no exception. It's a laid-back affair, with Lowe singing his heart out on a great list of new originals. I Trained Her To Love Me, Hope For Us All, People Change, Love's Got A Lot To Answer For, Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, The Other Side Of The Coin are all classics. If some of those titles sound cliche, know that Lowe is better at turning a familiar phrase with a new twist than almost anyone. This record continues the subtle, supple arraignments that made Dig My Mood 1998 and The Convincer 2001 so excellent. A band of crack ace musicians make the whole thing sound effortless.

Some things get better with age, but not many things, it turns out. Nick Lowe is like a fine wine. Thinking back to to his 1978 solo debut, Jesus Of Cool, it seems remarkable that he's still doing it so well. A great tunesmith, a singer that improves with age, and a highly skilled producer in one package. Buy this, and almost anything else he's ever done while you're at it.


  1. I love me some Nick Lowe.

    "Gonna see the Rollers...gotta ticket for the Bay City Rollers...and everything will be outta sight".

  2. He was great at the Beachland.
    Gonna see Nick Lowe...gotta ticket for Nick Lowe