Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girl Group Greats 2001 More Girl Group Greats 2001 One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds, Lost & Found 2005

The Girl Group sub-genre was a fascinating little piece of sixties pop that really didn't last too long, but certainly has had a lasting effect on popular music through influence and inspiration. The concept didn't exactly begin in the sixties or even the fifties. The Andrews Sisters are sort of a modern place to begin, but the girl groups of the sixties saw producers using the form to elevate teen drama to new heights. And what a day that it was...

These Rhino CDs and box set are spot on perfect. The two separate Girl Group Greats and More Girl Group Greats include the essential classics and better lesser hits of this genre. Little Peggy March singing I Will Follow Him, Lesley Gore's It's My Party and You Don't Own Me, The Paris Sisters' I Love How You Love Me, the list goes on and on. Shangri-Las, Chiffons, The Angels, Supremes, and The Dixie Cups: this set has it all.

Or does it. You can go deeper. Much, much deeper. Rhino's One Kiss Can Lead To Another, a four disc set with reasonably slick packaging, Includes many of the groups from the two Girl Group CDs, usually performing less well known hits, and a bevy of obscurities that certainly are entertaining, if not the equal of some of the hits. Not all of the one-off girl group selections are top rate, and the set can force you into academic mode just to get through it all. So you gotta want it.

Anyone who loves sixties pop sounds should like the Girl Groups and More... CDs. They sound good, the hits are all there and the occasional non-hit is always perfect.

The box set One Kiss Can Lead To Another is certainly recommended, but with reservations. You have to really want to delve into the girl group sound, and not every track is a winner. Most are very solid. In today's "download the hits" era, it may be more than any but the most dedicated are ready for.

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