Monday, June 21, 2010

Stacey Kent Breakfast On The Morning Tram 2007

Stacey Kent brings her coquettish voice to a fabulous selection of songs, arranged, performed and recorded meticulously with her crack band. Her husband and musical partner Jim Tomlinson wrote four of the songs. Two are by Serge Gainsbourg, and even Stevie Nicks gets one. They are all done to perfection.

Stacey Kent is as good on this selection of songs as she has ever been, and she's made several great records before. The Tomlinson originals are some of the best tracks here, especially The Ice Hotel and the title track. From the gentle insecurity of So Many Stars to the brash Hard-Hearted Hanna, she's spot on every time. Breakfast On The Morning Tram is a lovely song and Kent seems to hold the lyric very close to her heart.

In the classics category, Never Let Me Go, What A Wonderful World, and Landslide all receive excellent readings in Kent and Tomlinson's hands.

She's made more traditional jazz records, and she's done several thematic records that were successful, but this one sounds like the first record she's made for herself. And when you're having fun, it can be contagious. Catch it.

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