Monday, August 9, 2010

Dan Wilson Free Life 2007

Back in the mid-nineties, Dan Wilson made several great records with his band Semisonic. The Great Divide 1996 and Feeling Strangely Fine 1998 were exceptional, and All About Chemistry 2001 was almost as good. Wilson then went on to co-write several songs with the Dixie Chicks for their album Taking The Long Way, and has written with several other artists.

Wilson has a nice, clear, high voice. He is a very competent singer, guitar and piano player, and his lyrics are interesting and personal without being sappy. But it is his songwriting that shines above all else.

I bemoaned the loss of Semisonic, and hoped that this latest studio effort would rival that fine band. I'm happy to report that it almost sounds like a new Semisonic album, with a few more ballads than most of their records. If you liked that band, you'll like this. It is not quite the rock band records that they made, but it is close enough. If you never heard Semisonic, check out The Great Divide and Feeling Strangely Fine. If you want to hear some great songs by a modern master of the rock-pop form, this newest one will work fine.

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