Sunday, November 28, 2010

Classics '69-'71

Back in the glorious cassette days when the only portable device was a cassette tape player, the Mix Tape was a thing of romance, style and pre-programmed party soundtracks. I made many a mix tape for various friends and lovers, and when the cassette's days were numbered, I bought a Marantz CD recorder that alloys me all the same freedom of mixing from CDs and LPs and, well, cassettes.

And so I continue the mix tape tradition of the cassette era into the CD era. One of my all-time favorite mix tapes of my own was a two-tape issue called Classics '69-'71. I recorded it from vinyl to two 90-minute cassettes. A few years ago I re-made the mix on three CDs, adding another 45 minutes or so of additional songs.

The music all comes from 1967- 1973, but most is from the title years, and I liked the way it sounded, even if it wasn't completely accurate. Here's the three CDs:
Disc One:

1. Australia The Kinks
2. You’re So Rude The Faces
3. Turn My Life Down Jefferson Airplane
4. Son Of Your Father Elton John
5. Going Mobile The Who
6. No Matter What Badfinger
7. Keep On Growing Derek and the Dominos
8. Just A Season The Byrds
9. Station Man Fleetwood Mac
10. We Were Always Sweethearts Boz Scaggs
11. Delta Lady Joe Cocker
12. Trust Me Janis Joplin
13. Sugar Magnolia The Greatful Dead
14. Savoy Truffle The Beatles
15. Only You Know And I Know Dave Mason
16. Done Somebody Wrong The Allman Brothers
17. Cinnamon Girl Neil Young
18. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ The Rolling Stones

Disc Two:

1. Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground
2. Caledonia Mission The Band
3. Superlungs My Supergirl Donovan
4. Bold As Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience
5. Don’t Wait Too Long New York Rock Ensemble
6. Jewel Eyed Judy Fleetwood Mac
7. Holler And Shout The Elvin Bishop Group
8. Stay With Me The Faces
9. Flames Of Love Boz Scaggs
10. Come On (Part 1) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
11. Law And Order New York Rock Ensemble
12. Feeling Alright Joe Cocker
13. Bitch The Rolling Stones
14. Me And My Uncle The Grateful Dead
15. We Can Talk The Band
16. What Goes On The Velvet Underground
17. People Got To Be Free The Rascals
18. Boppin’ The Blues Carl Perkins And NRBQ
19. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad Derek And The Dominos
20. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) Janis Joplin
21. Amoreena Elton John

Disc Three:

1. Revolution The Beatles
2. Evil Ways Santana
3. Domino Van Morrison
4. I Can’t Take It Badfinger
5. Black Dog Led Zeppelin
6. Everyday People Sly And The Family Stone
7. Baba O’Riley The Who
8. Apeman The Kinks
9. Trudi Donovan
10. I’m So Glad Cream
11. Can’t Be So Bad Moby Grape
12. Do You Know What I Mean Lee Michaels
13. Green Eyed Lady Sugarloaf
14. What Is Life George Harrison
15. Mississippi Queen Mountain
16. China Grove The Doobie Brothers
17. Honky Tonk Woman The Rolling Stones
18. My Old School Steely Dan
19. Over-Lovin’ You The Electric Flag
20. Caravan Van Morrison
21. Take Me To The Pilot Elton John

So that's my classic rock station there, and many of my earliest favorites. I suppose I could turn it into a playlist on the iPod these days. If you want a soundtrack for my life in my teens, and a fine mix for the car, there you go.

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