Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook 1956

Ella Fitzgerald surely could sing. Cole Porter wrote many a great song. The arrangements by Buddy Bregman are excellent. Thirty-two songs recorded in four days. Given the product they produced, it is quite a feat.

Fitzgerald forgoes the scat singing, and seems to casually throw off these astounding performances. It all sounds effortless, and yet magnificent. Like Sinatra at his best; casual, easy-going, and, well, perfect. Proving that the best performers always make it look, or sound, easy.

Ella goes deep on Porter's beguiling songs. Porter wrote songs of depth that you can hum along to. Fitzgerald sings these familiar songs so well that quite a few of them are the definitive versions of oft-recorded gems.

Maybe you don't like Ella Fitzgerald. It sounds odd, but I suppose it is possible. That would be the only reason to avoid this record. Even then, this might change your mind. Maybe you really don't know much or haven't heard much Ella Fitzgerald. Here's a fine place to start.

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