Friday, June 21, 2013

The Detroit Cobras Life, Love, And Leaving 2001

Garage rock never sounded better. Two guitars, bass and drums, and a great singer with just a little snarl in her voice. Rachel Nagy sounds dangerous and sexy. And she nails it every time. It's not a pretty voice, but she is dedicated to getting the feeling of these songs right, and she sure does.

The band pounds it out behind her, fast and capable. Rhythm guitarist Maribel Ramirez sings back-up with fervor. Solid drums and bass from Damien Lang and Eddie Harsch. Rocking lead guitar by Dante Aliano. Actually there's almost no lead guitar breaks in any of the songs. Thrashing chords are all that's needed.

Other than Nagy, the secret ingredient is the material, all covers, and all meticulously chosen from fifties and sixties soul, R&B, pop and rock chestnuts. Most of them you've maybe heard, but they always find some lost classics. All presented in simple, straight-ahead arrangements that feature Nagy's unmannered singing and undistilled attitude.

They're just like the garage band down the block, only better. The only thing that comes close is their debut, Mink Rat or Rabbit from 1998.

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