Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roy Orbison All-Time Greatest Hits 1972

Sometimes when artists change record labels throughout their careers, there is no place to go for a comprehensive collection. In Roy Orbison's case, there is no such problem. While Orbison recorded for at least eight different labels from 1956-1988, every one of his top-ten singles was recorded for Monument between 1959-1964.

That is the period covered by this gem.

The songs are outstanding. Orbison was always a strong songwriter, and wrote the teen drama with adult passion.

These recordings feature a big orchestral sound and Orbison's near-operatic voice, and the recordings are clean and well-mixed. In fact, this level of quality of recording was rare in popular music of the day. Fred Foster's original production is stunning.

It was digitally remastered from the original analog tape for CD in 1997. Steve Hoffman also mastered the record for reissue in 2004 on Sony/S&P Records 180 gram vinyl, which sounds superfine. There is a newer vinyl version made by Mobile Fidelity in it's Original Master Recordings series that has also gotten raves. If you're at all into vinyl, it's indispensable.

Or even if you're at all into rock and roll in the sixties. You need it then, too.

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