Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tim Easton Not Cool 2013

Tim Easton has made quite a few fine records before this. While this is his rock-a-billy record, it is also more. The sweet ballad of the title track, the rocking stomp of Tired and Hungry, and the pure country instrumental Knock Out Roses (for Levon) that closes the record all add interesting touches and variety.

The majority though is rock-a-billy, and it's all fun, and sounds much like Nick Lowe's forays into the same genre. Respectful of the past, while updating the sound for modern times. The band is casual and talented and the recording has a nice organic sound, including quite a bit of acoustic bass. The songs are consistently crafted at the highest level of Easton's already notable songwriting talent.

Only slightly different from the rootsy singer-songwriter pop-rock we usually get from Easton, but just different enough to work. Superb.

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