Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aimee Mann I'm With Stupid 1995

Sometimes I ask myself Why do I keep buying these Aimee Mann CDs? Here's the answer. I keep waiting for her to repeat this record.

Long Shot opens the record with a driving rhythm and great lyric. Choice In The Matter and Sugarcoated are great mid-tempo rockers. You Could Make A Killing is a quiet, rolling ballad with a dangerous underside. Superball totally rocks with crunchy guitar and and great lyrics. Several songs in the middle slow down to the pace that almost kills her later records. The record rebounds with That's Just What You Are, Frankenstein, and It's Not Safe, all upbeat rockers.

The lyrics are outstanding throughout. Snappy pop-rock tempos and hooks are everywhere. And big guitars. And she's really angry, but she has that beautiful voice. Jon Brion produces and plays, and the sound is good. And Mann herself is really pushing all the buttons on this one. Many of her records are just too languid. But not this one. You really should hear it.

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