Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stanton Moore Groove Alchemy 2010

This is an organ trio led by the drummer Moore, who is also a member of New Orleans jazz-funksters Galactic. Although it is ostensibly a jazz record, it it mainly just as funky as you wanna be.

Robert Walter handles the Hammond B3, and Will Bernard plays tasty guitar. Most of the songs were written by the trio members. The closest I can get to describing this music is a cross between classic Jimmy Smith and The Meters.

That's right. Funky as The Meters, but with a jazz heart. Moore is a very busy drummer, and that keeps things interesting. He also rocks. Walter is an expressive B3 player who clearly has the chops to play anything with anybody. Bernard lays off to a rhythm role much of the time, but when he gets a solo, he shreds it with feeling and perfect lines.

What more could you need. Twelve funky, driving instrumentals performed by a stellar cast of three; a fiery drummer, a creative organist, and one hot guitarist. If you love the classic jazz organ trios, this might be too much funk-rock for you, but otherwise, it's manna from heaven. I can see this appealing to rockers that might want to try a taste of jazz.

You will tap your toes. It may even be difficult to hold still. Highly recommended to open minds everywhere.


  1. Nice to see that I picked up something you liked.

  2. I went to go see Galatic at the HOB this past Spring off of some comps from my friend, Lisa. Too "jam band" for me when I was expecting a wacky New Orleans vibe.

    Such is life.