Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rubinoos The Rubinoos 1977

Perfect pop music. One part Raspberries, one part Beach Boys, one part Beau Brummels, and a dash of The Monkeys. Songwriting. Check. Singer. Check. Guitarist. Check. Tight band and pitch perfect harmonies. Check check.

Impossible to describe, but even the sad songs (and they are few) sound happy. The band is a quality four-piece that could play anything, but choose this cross between hard power pop and bubblegum. Jon Rubin's clear, high voice is ridiculous, like a much stronger young Brian Wilson.

While power pop often hearkens back to British roots, there are nothing except All-American influences on display here. California sunshine, top down cruising music, first love. A fine cover of Tommy James' I Think We're Alone Now. And the rest of the songs, all original, are even better.

The follow-up, Back To The Drawing Board 1979, is every bit as good.


  1. I saw them open for Elvis Costello at the Cleveland Agora on the Armed Forces tour. What a great show it was. The Rubinoos were fab, and Elvis was all snarl and spit. The Attractions were so tight they were breathing in time with each other.